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things mess up as usual

I gota do something about my operating system on my computer. It seems messed up as far as chatting. It keeps messing up, locking up, and basically making a chat with a friend turn into a nightmare. That sucks

spring in my brain

Next month begins the plant changes that I plan to make around here. It begins the months of the year that have no “R” in them. [May, June, July, August} Those months are good for up rooting and transplanting most plants. There are some exceptions. The rest of the rear is mostly the wrong time to try such attempts as some of the plants / bushes that I intend to transplant have been in the ground for ten years or more, and all will need a good bit of time to deal with the move. There is quite a few of them, or quite a few as far as I am concerned, maybe 10 of them. It is difficult as we have had them going for a decade and if I move them and they die then I will cry; literally. Some of them have done OK where they are, but in my needs to keep improving on the conditions of the land, I have devised this plan of things to do with some of the ones that seem to be having problems. One of the plants that I plan to move has been in this spot for twenty years and does not like it where it is. It is suppose to be a lilac bush that stands about eight feet height at full growth. It has been at full growth for the last ten years and never stood higher than three feet. Too the blooms on it seem dwarfed now too. I fear that it is dwarfed from its ordeal. I will have to wait and see. I intend to move it from its full sun dry spot and move it to a more shaded and moist darker soil. We’ll see I’ll keep all informed of the progress.

“The Chronicles Of Narnia” comes out on DVD on the 4th. I am excited. :) I’m a geek I know. lol

I’m still working on my own odd bed time story. I’m sorry if I find it difficult to show allot of trust. I want to but I don’t really want any of the best parts of this stolen away from me. I showed some work from it, but then I deleted the posts. I think for now I will keep most to all of that for a more privet audience of advisers and those interested in proofing and helping with it. More later. For now 5:30am; I must do some work. Gotta love spring compiled with creativity.

I would say

I feel like a fish out of water, but then this guy is just too cute and well was awsome in the movie so that wouldn't work to give a good understanding of how I feel. lol OK I'm done showing off my cute icons now :p

Today I feel like my icon

I some what feel put out there a bit and might want to just crawl back in my shell and sleep until the "real spring" gets here. That is if it gets here. [sinical some? maybe] I just feel a bit down

prospects of manual work to come. [I get to become yard worker until about mid spring some where about mid June] Not really looking forward to it this year for some reason. Usualy I am, but this year already feels bluh for some reason. :\ I'll make do I'm just fussing. Just don't poke the shell I'm still alive here.

quietly sumber

So yup yet again Joey showed up; well he called first, but still he showed up with some friends that I haven’t seen in about 5 years or so. So he shows up with some friends named Robin and Will. We got to talking about old times and some good times we had. I could feel that there was some reason for the visit. There was just something in the air I guess. So slowly they started to tell me about the place that they were staying at with their 3 year old child. Some horrid things. The entire time they seemed to be hinting that they might want someone to step in and save them from this awful place that they are staying at.

What do I look like? Do I look like a natural born sucker? Do I have it tattooed on my forehead or something? Come on already. I put myself out there for just any old friend like that too much all ready and I have paid dearly for it. Now I am just looking out for me and mine for now. That’s all the room I got, and I don’t want to find myself that far down and out again.

I just talked to them for a while then when it came time to go; I let them go.

Wendsday late night update

It is late for me 3:00am. Then it might be early. I guess it all depends if you’re a glass is half empty or the glass is half full kind of person. It makes no difference as either way I need to work outside in the morning [weather permitted] So I guess no creative writing pieces for me. Those are the things that I get to do when the weather won’t let me work outside.

Um no I haven’t been to bed tonight. If I have a moments peace in my thoughts then I might be doing OK, but I don’t have that as of late. So I am stuck with so much to try to get worked out. I don’t think that I ever actually get anything worked out. I think that I just worry myself sick is all that I do. That’s OK thou. I can’t really worry about worrying too much. lol that just makes things worse. Encryptic huh? Lol Well anyways

We just might manage to get some actually honest to goodness April showers this year. We usually don’t. I think last year was a dry as a drunk lost in the desert, but that is another story all together. I don’t know why it is that it seems like that no matter how much I do and how much I work on; I never seem to get anything done. I can’t think of one single chore I have worked on in the last five years that there wasn’t something more I could have done with it, or on it. Most of the time I just have to finally walk away from it and let nature do something with it because gawds knows I can over work something [like my mind] if I set my mind to it.

I guess this is about as good of an update as I can work out for now. I know I haven’t posted a whole lot lately. I know most of what I have been posting has been a bit childish. I just don’t know what to say. Nothing ever changes. I haven’t died so that is good I guess.


Is'nt mr. Tumnus so cute you just want to snugle him up? :)

Movie absalut must see

If you have not seen it, you need to buy or rent

Elizabethtown Mom has rented it twice now, and I think we have watched it about 5 times. lol it is pretty good, and has some what an wsome soundtrack too. It is a really cute love story. The two people in it do remind me of a leo girl and a sagitarus boy thou. lol :)

pic links

here is my friend Beki's little Logan. He is going to be such a heart breaker.


Do you ever?

Have you ever gotten bored at 11pm and decide to just go outside [as it was a wonderful night; me in short sleeves and all] and well go down to the woods; where I have been pushing the wood line back. [those woods will just grow right in on you if you don’t keep an eye on them] And well I decided that as I was bored, and it was soo nice of a night that I would just burn some of the fallen branches that I had been gathering. Yeah that is a bonfire for those who don’t know that I got like 5 acres of undeveloped land that is always and forever in need of cleaning. Hell just keeping it clean and clear of debris is a year round job [that is why I only tackle it in the spring] That and we got some water front property out there that can’t be seen for all the vines, overgrowth, and years of non care. So I have been trying [very slowly] to try and recover some of the value if just nice to look at. That, that part of our property should be. [we have owned this land for well over 20 years now and we have never seen that end of the property. *shrugs* so I did some burning tonight that just reminded me of the old days when my whole family would get out there day in and day out to clean, clear, and burn. We would be at it most of the day and well into the night. I miss those days.

So do you ever find yourself doing things that you did when you were younger simply because they still feel good to do today? I get like that some times.