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Aug. 17th, 2006

here read this piece of news about "Big Tobacco lied but need not pay, judge rules - Industry must make 'corrective statements' but cannot be further penalized"

Now let me tell you just how freaken pleased I am about this. I am thrilled beyond all belief. Yes I am a life long smoker. END OF SENTENCE. I know of absolutely no one who ran out and started smoking because any tobacco company made smoking look not harmful. For almost absolutely everyone smoking was because it was cool to be that rebel, and testing health was cool. They knew, and if they didn’t know EXACTLY they did know that it was bad for them. Everyone seems pissed off because they personally failed all the family and friends who smoke or smoked in their lives. That is what it is. It isn't because any tobacco company did anything that any other company hasn't done like beer, and fast food. But then I guess all the drunken fat ass people dieing really must not be all that much of a loss to anyone because you can still see the fast food promos and the beer promos. I’m sure people will sue them until they are a thing of the past too, but then there will just be something else to later sue and bullshit until it is gone too, and then more after that.

Let’s not even get into all the hubbub about "second hand smoke" in comparison to all the smog and toxic fumes produced from everything from paint to cleaning fluids, and oh yes cars. So now the world has it to where the only place safe for me to enjoy the fact that I smoke, is in my own home (not that doctors like to hear that but then fuck their self evolved importance of *ultimate health for all* we're people not lab specimens) if you want to practice medicine on perfect health beings grow some mice.

Everyone seems hell bent on removing anyone’s ability to enjoy living. All of it for what, all for their endless belief that humans should live hundreds of years without any health problems? I say if you remove every and all things that I could or can enjoy because you disagree with what it is; then I’ll just go postal on everyone else in the world before I off myself. I say leave me and everyone who wants to smoke out of your bitchfest that just costs me more money, but hey as long as you get cheaper health care that is all that matters to you when you get to tell your doctor “Why no I don’t smoke and no one in my family has ever smoked.” While your in the doctors office for the very same reason as a smoker, so they can still blame it on second hand smoke. People have health problems welcome to the human condition. Oh how grand that is. Your still going to die. You aren’t going to live any longer than anyone else and all you’ve done is been a bitch, but then I guess you would be a bitch about something else if it wasn’t smoking, and still you’ll die and had been nothing more than a bitch.

I enjoy smoking. I’m not going to stop until there are no cigarettes anywhere in the world and tobacco don’t exist at all. END OF STORY.

Dial up?

I am stuck on dial up until a tch comes out and fixes my line. Oh the shame of it all. Sprint really needs to upgrade some equipment don't you think? I do I think they need some better stuff.

The helper on the phone was fantastic thou. She was really really good. I will say that. That much was a real plus in having to go through all the technical stuff. She was allot of help. no kidding...

Sunday wet Sunday

*sings* Rain drops keep falling on my head. *end sing-along* Oh yes Oh yes got a good rain here. Yup out here in the middle of no where in the woods; per usual. Lonesome little me stares aimlessly at this comp monitor trying to be creative. *holds up his thumb and pointer finger showing just how much* just a little bit.

OK enough with the confusion already (I know I’m encryptic so sew me. It happens) So I’m staying indoors this fine wet Sunday and besides looking over old long dead no name movies I’m just sitting here periodically hitting the refresh button on my web browser. That’s what happens. :\ So oh well. I hope any and all of you have had a decent day even if not even half of you are willing to take five seconds and log it in to your lj. Just abuse the thing why don’t you? Oh yeah you are *snickers*


Don't follow me. I'm lost too.

and I thought I had problems before

Swiped, stolen, and what ever else fits, from jayelgibson

kennykin will be haunted by...

Long John Silver

To fight all those other ghosts that are haunting you
'Whose ghost will come back to haunt you?' at QuizGalaxy.com



nope not dead, just basicly kind of here.

The instructions

#1 Buy 1 “Jell-O instant – no bake cheesecake” with strawberry topping. modify instructions as this

#2 Instead of 2 tbsp. added to the crust mix add 4 to 6 tbsp. add the 5 tbsp. melted butter and a ½ tbsp. cinnamon to add to the flavor. Pour into 9 inch pie pan and press firmly into sides of pie pan to form the crust. [I just mix the mixture in the pan to avoid messing up more bowls]

#3 Mix 1 ½ cups milk in with the pie filling in a bowl. Now before adding the filling to the pie thinly slice up two peeled bananas, and gently place the slices around the inside edge of the pie crust and line the bottom. You should have some left over. Now fill the pie shell with half the cheesecake filling, and gently layer the top with more banana slices this should use up the last of the banana slices. Top with the last of the pie filling. Once you are done top the pie with the strawberry topping and chill for about an hour.

#4 Serve with Champaign and a relaxing evening with some one very close to you to whom you wish to hopefully get to snuggle and love on.

[If you get to do #4 then I am insanely jealous of you and you need not tell me how you got to do this and how well it worked. Good luck.]

K well

Today I have watched "Narnia" and now working on "Lord of the rings - Return of the King" That and I've worked on some map art work and cleaned my office space. Cleaning my office space took me quite a bit as I haven't done that in about a month, and I don't know about the rest of you but things begin to pile up. I had some pullovers thrown in a corner from where I would put them on in the mornings when it was cold, and as the day got warm I would take them off and just throw them in a corner. lets not even start on book that were just laying around. Most of them I had been thumbing through trying to study how others have written their works when telling a story. And oh lets not even get into all the lose pieces of paper, ark work, and scrap notes I have jotted down over the last month. lol so now that I have some order back to my office work space I can get back to my concept art.

I hope this weekend is going good for others.